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Over 7000 news portal and websites with real user traffic



Over 400 publishers - news sites and newspaper owners



Order branded content and SEO articles or publish your own

What's inside?

  • choose portals that suit your needs
  • check statistics such as Ahrefs, Majestic, user traffic
  • order publications from local print newspapers
  • advertising banners and sponsored articles
  • a lot of publishing possibilities with one publisher
  • publish or order content in english or polish language (or both)

We cooperate with online publishers:

Marcin Karczewski,

SEO Light

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We like developing companies, not large corporations.

Łukasz Pietruszka,

Price, number of portals, communication.


A wide customer base from which you can choose those who interest me.

Anna Adamowicz,

Filip Mełnicki,

Igaming Nomads

A lot of high quality portals at a good price and brilliant customer service.


Convenience, speed of selecting sites for publishing articles, price.


Rafał Pukacz,

Freelancer SEO

Good value for money.

Easy contact with Support = no problems with publications.



We are very happy to carry out publications in primarily due to competitive prices and speed of implementation.

We have not yet had a situation where the publication was delayed, we have everything on time.

Besides, the user panel is very intuitive and easyeasy to use, everything clearly presented.


A wide customer base, from which you can choose those who interest me.

Good value for money.

Easy contact with Support =

no problems with publications.

We are very happy to implementin publications primarily due to competitive prices and speed of implementation.

We have not yet had

a situation where the publication was delayed,

we have everything on time.

Besides, the user panel is very intuitive and easyeasy to use, everything clearly presented.


Registration and use of the platform is (and always will be) free

Frequently Asked Questions

(click on question to see the answer)

Is it a new provider for sponsored articles?

We have been on the market since 2015. So far, we have operated as a closed advertising network within the Tipmedia Group, successfully acquiring advertisers for our publishing partners.

In 2022, we launched the Ads4media content marketing and link building platform, which, as the next step in developing our network, facilitates cooperation between portal publishers and advertisers as well as extends the advertising offer with new possibilities.

What distinguishes you from other platforms?

- we are cheaper than other content platforms,

- competitive price rates for publications and links,

- some websites use our proprietary CMS4media, thanks to which we guarantee the lowest price and the best publishing conditions,

- real websites, not empty backends with no traffic (no websites created only for link building),

- flexible approach - building a product based on feedback from our Partners.

We also give you the opportunity to:

- export the entire list of domains to Excel (always up-to-date list),

- lifetime publication,

- payments only after the service has been performed (debit option).

What kind of portals do you have?

- local,

- regional,

- informative,

- nationwide,

- thematic,

- industry,

- blogs.

Our greatest strength are news, local and regional portals with real user traffic, but we also have a wide selection of thematic, industry-related websites and blogs. We keep adding more all the time.

How many services are there? Are more being added?

We have over 2,000 websites in the database and we regularly add more.

On average, we have about 100 new portals every month. These are pages with verified traffic and SEO parameters (Ahrefs Domain Rating, Majestic Trust Flow).

Where can I find a list of portals?

The list of portals with SEO parameters can be found in the "Offers" tab after logging in or creating an account at

You can also view the list of portals after adding a Project and in the Valuations tab.

Where can I find offers to publish articles?

Portal offers with publication details and SEO parameters are available in the "Offers" tab. There you will see a list of portals with SEO parameters.

There is a "Show offers" button next to each service. After clicking, you will see one or several offers for the publication of articles on the portal.

Offers can also be accessed through the Projects and Valuations tabs.

Do I order with writing articles or without?

All depends on you.

You can upload your own articles (through the "Creations" module) or order articles by contacting us on e-mail or phone:

Paulina Nowakowska

[email protected]

+48 533 401 192

I want to order writing articles - what’s the procedure?

If you want to order articles, please send your inquiry on the following email address: [email protected].

As a standard, we write articles for about 2500 characters with a space for PLN 60 net (non-specialist articles).

The articles are written by journalists and copywriters, they are not generated by artificial intelligence (AI).

We are working on our own brief, which we will send you to fill in, or you can send us your guidelines.

I have articles about online sports betting. Will you publish them?

We accept orders for the publication of articles on only legal bookmakers, i.e. entered on the list of the Ministry of Finance: Legal entities on the betting and gambling market on the Internet (in Poland).

The final decision on accepting and publishing an article on the portal always belongs to the Publisher of a given portal.

Do you accept orders for the publication of articles on sensitive topics, e.g. casinos, alcohol, erotism?

We accept, but not on all portals.

The offers’ details or portal description contain additional information on the accepted content.

You can also use filters to display only those portals that accept such types of publications.

How to place an order? How to order ads?

To place an order please first create a Project.

Projects allow you to choose the offers of individual portals, create a quote (without having to pay), and finally place and pay for an order for the publication of articles on selected portals.

See detailed instructions with screenshots:

Is advance payment required?

Not necessarily. For regular customers, we enable debiting, i.e. the option of payment only after the service delivery.

Can I cancel an order? If so, how and what does it involve?

Yes - after the payment, if the article is not sent within 7 days, the money will be returned to your account.

You can also cancel your order before the creation is sent. The money will be returned to your balance right away.

I do not run a business activity. Can I make money on your platform?

Yes. You don't need to be a business owner to use the platform.

You can settle up and issue invoices via (we do not incur costs related to the clearing services via Useme).

Can I buy and sell at the same time? Be an advertiser and publisher?

Yes, after creating an account, you can switch between your Advertiser and Publisher accounts.

When creating a user account in the platform, you can choose the default view of the user's desktop - Publisher or Advertiser. At any time, you can switch between desktops and use the options to buy and sell.

How are payments handled?

You have two options for ordering and paying:

1) once for each order - i.e. you create a project, choose portals, send articles, pay and get an invoice


2) you top up your account for the amount of e.g. PLN 4,000, create a project, select portals, send articles. Each time the amount for the order fee is deducted from the top-up account, you receive an invoice for PLN 4,000.

What payment methods are available?

Order payment and account top-up are handled by PayPal, Przelewy24.

If you need another form of payment, e.g. you want to top up your account by paying an invoice, please contact us.

I am a regular customer. Can I count on a discount?

Of course!

The discount is available to Advertisers who top up their account with the following amounts:

- from PLN 2,000 to PLN 5,000 - we grant a 5% discount,

- from PLN 5,001 to PLN 10,000 - we grant an 8% discount,

- over PLN 10,001 - we grant a 10% discount.

The duration of the discount is 14 days. Applies to all orders placed during this time.


No credit card required.

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